To test GMFC, download the file, unzip it and run install_gmfc_xx_en.exe . You may run GMFC through the start menu. At startup time, GMFC will display in the about screen, the software code that uniquely identifies your copy of GMFC.

The XP driver is fully integrated with Windows XP and later versions. It allows to choose the parallel port. Open the device manager, there is now a Hotwire device. Open the property page of the MM2001 driver and then, the configuration page. Select the parallel port to which the MM2001 interface is connected. You need then to reboot.

After reboot, when clicking on the MM2001 configuration page, the "Time between interrupts" field shows the time in microseconds between two interrupts. That permits to see if the driver works, without launching GMFC.

GMFC Expert

Last stable version: 3.91


Last stable version: 3.91


Stable version: 3.91


Last stable version: 3.91 GMFC may crash in the spar dialog when running on older versions of win95. This is due to a bug solved in the year2000 update. To solve this problem: