Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: why cutting a spar crossing the wing or parallel to the leading edge on a tapered wing is not possible?
A: This is incompatible with how the wire cuts the wing (see wire progression). Such spars need to be cut in a second pass.
Q: My computer blocks at the end of a cut?
A: Verify that Windows do not try to go into sleep mode.
Q: I get waves when cutting blue foam?
A: (from Louis Dionne): The waves that are described are a physical phenomenon called 'battement' in French. Resonnate ! That's the word in the English...sorry, long access time...
Anyway, this is a case where a small pulse at the right frequency enduce a large oscillation of a body. The frequency is determined by the rigidity, mass, material and shape of the object.
There are many ways to reduce (or eliminate this problem from your point of view). They are all based on the same principle. I don't recall the formula (20yrs ago), but if you change anything in the formula you get what you want. Well provided, you move the problem out of your scope. You can't get rid of it completely; there will be a frequency and pulse that will create resonance in your system. But as long as it is outside your operating parameters, you'll be fine.

All the following factors will affect the Resonance:

Changing the temperature is quite easy but you maybe be burning your foam is you do so. Do like I did, I increased the tension in the wire and Wwwoula. I was able to reduce by 13% the temperature for cutting and have nicer cuts. And no more waves.

Q: All configuration information is lost between sessions.
A: You must correctly initialize the "directory field" in the GMFC->Files dialog (see when starting).
Q: I try to open a .dat file and GMFC displays a message "Invalid project file"
A: Maybe you mix up profile (.dat, .cor) files and project (.cnc) files. To change a profile, open the dialog Root or tip profile in the project menu.