Designs cut using GMFC

An scale Jumbo from Brazil by from Felipe Z. Jorgensen (

An indor Jumbo by Michel Ferlet and Turbinator.

Links for the complete documentation and video.

These do not fly.... 3 superb designs fom turkey by Murat Aygan and Mehmet Kelekci.

An extra 3D by Brian Quinn

I have been working on a 71” (180.3 cm) wing span Extra 300 called the Extra Extra. This is a highly modified version of a Jeff Williams designed 48” Extra. I used TurboCad and GMFC to design and CNC cut the wings and fuse. The wings and fuse are cored out to further reduce weight. The plane flies very well on a Saito 125 and is now running on a YS 160DZ which gives it the ability to hover at 1/5 of the throttle! It has proven to be an incredibly good flying plane both for precision aerobatics as well as the most extreme 3D maneuvers. It has ~1,300 square inches (8387 sq. cm) for the wings and weighs 8.5lbs (3.85 kg) with the YS 160DZ engine installed.

The plane files so well that it will likely be made into a kit by early next year!

Thanks again for making such a great program!

Brian Guinn

Version 2 of my rafale, complete construction and videos available here

An AlphaJet by Jackie Sculier, only 107 GMFC parts....I can't believe it... Who's next in adding more details?

Several Gliders by Eric Bahier

Pilatus B4 ech 1/3,3 enver 4,5 10kg RG12A213

Fox scale 1/3 env 4,66 15kg HQ2.5/12, fuselage roshental

Dimona scale 1/3 env 5,4m 14Kg titan45 motor,
fema starter (fuselage, landing, cockpit from Delro)
FX 63-137

ASH25 scale 1/3 env 8,33m 17kg, HQ3/16 to 3/12,
fuselage roshental

A 3D by Brian Quinn

I thought you might like to post on your website a new design I made with GFMC. I thank you for such a good program! The new interface in and out of dxf made it possible to do all that I have. This plane is designed for 3D flight. It flies well on an OS Surpass 91 4-stroke engine and will even fly well with a Saito 180 4-stroke! The wing is fully cored out. The fuselage and tail surfaces are balsa sheeted foam. The Rudder is also fully cored out with foam ribbing left in for supporting the balsa sheeting. It flies really well!

Thanks again for your continuing efforts in making GFMC the best program out there foam CNC cutting!

Brian Quinn

Wardbirds by Philippe Carpentiers and the "ASA Bauffe" Club. Fully cut using GMFC. Impressing isn't it?

a Sukhoi 54 Fighter

a Mig 15 Fighter

a B17 bomber

P51D and P51B fighters

An indor Air liner, the Saab 340 from Julien, aka Turbinator.

A nice looking canard, the Long EZE from Boxer R/C Aircraft. Wings made with GMFC Wade McBeth, Cloud Nine R/C.

A DG500 by Jean Mathieu. 1/3.5 scale, 13kg, 5.2m span. Wings and stab made using GMFC.

Various fun designs, cut by Daren Anguelkov

Nice F3B wings, isn't it. Designed and fully crafted by Sylvain Coulomb. The master has been made using GMFC

A Seagull, GMFC design by Thierry Monnot, Documentation, from a paper in the "LOOPING" french journal

A small 3D plane, design by Michel Leroyer, Documentation

The Vega flying wing, design by Dominique Allart, Documentation

The Choupette indoor flying wing, design by Daren Anguelkov, Documentation

My favorite glider, wing design by Gérard Prat, sun.cnc

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